The M12 design is a new tamper-proof patented clamp connector system

Provertha has released a new M12-style tamper-proof connector for industrial automation applications, particularly for encoder housings exposed to high vibrations. The connector eliminates the disadvantages associated with screw-in connectors thanks to a patented crimp section.

Customers can include a 90-degree cable outlet in their product so that the housing or plug-in connection does not need to be further adjusted during final assembly of the encoder or actuator. The special slotted profile of the pressed part significantly improves manufacturing tolerances and enables more flexibility in the pressed part within the housing.

The new connector helps to achieve vibration proof connections over screw connections, especially under high vibration conditions. It is firmly attached to the customer's housing, for example, in the case of an encoder. It cannot be operated by the end customer because, unlike screw connections, it does not have a width plane. Plug-in connections are extremely resistant to traction and ensure very high retention in a compact designed customer housing.

Most flange connectors on the market have threads for standard fastening. However, it is almost impossible to determine the coding position flexibly, and therefore the cable outlet for the 90-degree cable connector. Until now, this required a large special version with a locking nut system.

The new connector system is a secure, robust and flexible solution. New connectors, on the other hand, support not only secure use, but also the trend toward customization. Customers can flexibly choose the cable outlet direction, and fully align the connector with the customer's requirements. Connectors with pressure blue provide high reliability throughout the installation process. The coded position is marked with a notch in the flange to identify the direction when pressing or connecting the cable.