GaN HEMTs have breakthrough gate voltage tolerance

The ROHMs 150V GaN HEMTs, GNE10xxTB series (GNE1040TB) increases gate withstand voltage (rated gate source voltage) to an industry-leading 8V -- ideal for power circuits in industrial equipment, including base stations and data centers with Iot communication equipment.

Due to the increasing number of iot devices, the demand for server systems is growing. Improving power conversion efficiency and reducing size has become an important social issue, which requires further development in the field of power equipment.

Along with mass production of industry-leading SiC devices and feature-rich silicon devices, the company has developed GaN devices that perform superior high-frequency operations in the medium voltage range, enabling the company to provide power solutions for a wider range of applications.

Degradation can be stopped even if an overvoltage of more than 6V is generated by switching, resulting in better design margins and higher reliability for the power supply circuit. The series is a highly versatile package that provides superior heat dissipation and greater current capacity for easy handling during installation. As a result, these new products adopt the existing structure and increase the rated gate source voltage from the traditional 6V to 8V.