Collaboration provides surface touch in a compact industrial HMI solution

Distec GmbH, in cooperation with Tanvas, offers finished industrial touch displays with software-defined tactile textures and tactile effects on touch surfaces.

Past technologies that enable haptic feedback on touch screens (such as mechatronic and vibratory haptics) are not suitable for IP-class HMI because they require moving the front glass. The TanvasTouch has no moving parts, and changes in friction appear as fine textures, edges and bumps that can be felt with minimal visual interference. 

In addition, these software-defined senses of touch allow for an unlimited range of effects that can be felt with a swipe of a finger. The behavior, size, and location of haptic feedback can be customized for individual use through the API provided.

Matthias Keller, Managing Director of Distec, said: “We offer industrial touch displays that are dust, water, fire and impact resistant, but haptic feedback adds a whole new aspect to our devices. “With this technology, we can Combine the versatility of a monitor with the tactile benefits of physical buttons on the monitor. This feature is easy to integrate and does not introduce any additional complexity to the system. This product combines a thin and light IP65 front-protected stainless steel housing with the possibility of displaying haptic structures on a touch screen, making it a pioneer in the field of industrial displays. "

Alex Kessler, Head of Business development for EMEA at Tanvas  said:"Electro-adhesion-based surface haptics does not require any moving parts at all, eliminating problems caused by vibration, air gaps or ceiling constraints, and potentially expanding the range of textures and tactile effects,"  "Working with Distec to expand access to new technologies and modern interfaces, we are proud to offer low - and mid-volume purchases, enabling any company to create applications to meet their specific needs. TanvasTouch has a wide range of applications beyond industrial, including automotive, home automation and any commercial display or smart surface."